Equal Access to Drugs - Public Debate in Salima

  Concerned with inequitable distribution of medicines and lack of access to essential drugs by vulnerable people, Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association (MIAA) conducted a public debate in Salima in December 2013...


Taking HBC to communities

HIV infection has changed from fatal disease in the early years of the epidemic to a chronic infection with prolonged survival. This change has come about as a result of...


“Access to Drugs and Medications Campaign with the Faith Community Lens”

The faith community in the country has embarked on a campaign dubbed “Access to Drugs and Medications Campaign with the Faith Community Lens”.


Our Mission

MIAA is an umbrella of interfaith networks that facilitates and coordinates the faith based response to HIV and AIDS using gender sensitive and rights based approaches.

Our Vision

An empowered interfaith community that is productive in HIV and AIDS management. 

Our Values

The Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association believes that: God/Allah is the creator of all human beings Human life is sacred and needs to be protected HIV and AIDS responses should be implemented with love, dignity, justice, honesty and compassion Gender equality and equity, human rights principles and non-discrimination are a basis for all HIV and AIDS interventions.

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MIAA - Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association

The Malawi Interfaith AIDS Association (MIAA) that was established in 2003 as an interfaith service agency and is composed of the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM), Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM), Quadria Muslim Association (QMAM), and the Association of Christian Educators in Malawi (ACEM) continues to play a pivotal role in the coordination and facilitation of HIV and AIDS programming in the country.

The main aim of the Secretariat is to facilitate a united commitment of Faith Communities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. MIAA has now gained experience and acquired the necessary skills to coordinate a robust faith based response to the community. Since her establishment despite the “teething” problems the Secretariat now has developed all the necessary structures to scale up the response. MIAA will consolidate the faith communities’ strengths, credibility, that is grounded in communities offering them the opportunity to make a real difference in combating HIV/AIDS.
The faith community response complements the overall national response for HIV and AIDS in this.

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